A short film marks the end of an era

December 3, 2013

We work in a rapidly changing education sector that is experiencing amalgamation, consolidation and a widening of our functions.  The culmination of this change came on the 1st July 2013 when the old Vocational Education Committee (VEC) was formally changed by Ministerial order into an Education and Training Board (ETB) and CDVEC became CDETB.


To mark this historical time CDETB asked Near TV to make a short film to capture the essence of what CDVEC has been about. Near TV is a community television production company associated with Coláiste Dhúlaigh CFE.  The film is available here.


To open the new era CDETB also held a seminar to consult with a wide selection of CDETB staff regarding  the strategic direction of our organisation into the future.  The seminar was held on 25th November, in Dublin Castle. We opened the seminar by launching the short film.  This was followed by an inspiring conversation with Aoife Kennedy, a sixth year student and Eoinlee Bley, a transition year student from Larkin Community College. Throughout the day round table discussions were punctuated by contributions from other invited speakers. They included Dick Gleeson, City Planner, Dublin City Council, who spoke on the ‘City of the future’; Michael Donnellan, Director General, Irish Prison Service who spoke on ‘Education as a means of social inclusion’; James Flynn, University Relations Manager, IBM who spoke on ‘The role of education and training in enhancing IT’; Tony Donohoe, Head of Education Social and Innovation Policy, IBEC who spoke on ‘New models of education and training’.  The seminar was closed by Fintan O’Toole, Literary Editor, Irish Times who spoke on ‘A vision for education and training in Dublin city’.


Fintan O’Toole described VECs as having two great virtues.  We have had, he told us, social inclusion at the core of what we do and we have a history of educational innovation.  We have had to think more broadly about values and how things work.  According to him this type of thinking must form the basis of any vision for our society.  We want teachers who are confident, creative and critical who in turn make students confident, creative and critical.  He spoke about a confidence that is gone out of society and needs to be brought back through education.  In this way he summed up for what each of our inspiring guest speakers had been saying throughout the day in their different ways and from their different disciplines.


The event was filmed in order that anyone who is interested in the future strategic direction of this organisation can watch these contributions and contact us if they have anything they wish to add to the debate.


The speakers’ contributions will shortly be available here on our website.

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