Ballsbridge College Hope Talks

April 13, 2016

Ballsbridge College Event Management Level 6 students with teacher Laura Treacy recently hosted Hope Talks for students in the IPA on Lansdowne Road. Based on the TED Talks model this event consisted of a series of talks given by five inspirational speakers.

Brian Kerr, former Republic of Ireland Soccer Manager, football pundit and commentator gave an inspirational speech emphasising how positivity, passion and perseverance in life are key to enabling anyone excel and achieve their goals. As an example he cited his own career and how he came to achieve his dream job as Republic of Ireland Manager despite never being a professional footballer.

Raoul Empey, a Climate Solutions Specialist gave a presentation on the negative impact of fossil fuel usage on global warming. He then spoke about the take up of wind and solar energy and the positive impacts these forms will have on the environment.

John Carmody, spokesperson for ARAN (Animal Rights Action Network) spoke about the work they do fighting animal abuse across Ireland. In particular he spoke about their current campaign where they are lobbying the government to ban circuses from keeping and using animals in their acts.

Liza Caulfied, on behalf of the Islamic Cultural Centre spoke about the prevalence and the effects of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) on woman and the current attempts being made worldwide to stop this barbaric practice.

Teresa Weafer, Project Manager for the Ringsend and District Response to Drugs (RDRD) in the Spellman Centre spoke about the effects of drugs on society and the massive inroads that the Spellman Centre have made in turning around the lives of people that had once been so blighted by addiction.


Ballsbridge College Green Campus Committee and Co-ordinator Vivienne Bates continued the hope theme the next day 8th March as part of their Energy Awareness Day. Roberta Bellini, Education Officer at ECO-UNESCO visited the college to speak about Sustainability. She traced the evolution of planet Earth over 4.6 billion years, the relatively short time humans have been on the planet, but the damage we have done over the past 150 years. She emphasised that a balance needs to be maintained, and we as citizens can make changes by being more conscious in our everyday life. Participating in programmes like Green Campus in Ballsbridge College educates and encourages people to make small changes.

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