Best ever Awards Season across the city

June 14, 2016

Following a season of wonderful awards celebrations across the city CDETB wishes all of our graduates a wonderful summer.

CDETB CE Carol Hanney had the pleasure earlier this month of congratulating hundreds of happy graduates and presenting Special Achievement Awards at Whitehall CFE (in the College Hall), Rathmines CFE (in Christchurch Cathedral) and Killester CFE (in Clontarf Castle). She acknowledged the student’s very significant achievements at QQI Levels 5 and 6 and wished them luck in their future careers and educational journeys that have begun so well here.

Each of the three colleges were graduating in the areas of Business, Administration, IT and Computer Programming and Networks.

Rathmines Graduation 2Awards Season at CDETB

In Whitehall CFE students were also graduating in Applied Health and Environment, Languages, Social Care, Education and Training;  In Rathmines CFE in Liberal Arts, Professional Accounting, PR and Journalism; In Killester CFE in Animal Science and Advanced Animal Science, Childcare and Early Learning, Disability and Care Support, Horticulture, Montessori and Pre University Computing and Science.

Besides the excellent academic achievements typical of a CDETB college, an important emphasis is put on extra-curricular sport and cultural activities. Rathmines CFE, for example, has won the Belgrove Cup for two years in a row, was in the final in two other Soccer tournaments and won at Basketball. Students participated enthusiastically in Culture Day which involved Art, costume and cuisine.  They were also very involved in Proclamation Day, Dodgeball, Swimming as well as chess clubs and quizzes.  A strong emphasis is placed by each college on taking part so the students get the opportunity to have fun as well as progress in their education.

Each of the colleges have very talented Boards of Management and enjoy excellent relationships with local industry, services and community groups. Guests from these sectors helped to present awards on the day and make the ceremony memorable for the hundreds of happy graduates.

Even the sun came out this year to shine on their achievements.

Award sun symbol 2 grat cingrats image p

For news about courses at CDETB colleges across the city visit their websites HERE.



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