CDETB joins the Consumer Classroom team in Paris

April 28, 2016

Consumer Classroom is a multilingual website dedicated to secondary school teachers willing to teach responsible consumer education to their pupils. The team committed to this great website is composed of four main European partners and 26 European National Representatives either from education and/or consumer worlds. The CDETB Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) is the National Representative for Ireland.

Expertise France, who lead the project, decided to host a two day meeting in Paris on 7th and 8th April to exchange and deepen subjects such as innovative teaching methods, consumer awareness impacts on the European youth and new digital ways of know-how transfer. Miriam O’Donoghue, Deputy Director, CDETB CDU attended the Paris meeting.

Consumer Classroom

The meeting was also the opportunity to get feedback from each national partner and adapt the project’s next steps in terms of consumer education policy implementation as per national specificities.

To rhythm the meeting, a special focus was made on team building approaches in order to allow development of participants’ involvement and ensure the success of the project. The Consumer Classroom community will definitely benefit from this creative and dynamic European network in the coming years.

Schools can find more information, resources, lesson plans and ideas on the Consumer Classroom Website HERE


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