The CDETB Summer Newsletter has arrived!

May 10, 2017

Our first every FET CITY EXPO is one of the highlights in this edition.

The EXPO featured 36 stands, expert advice and live student demonstrations featuring some of the 400+ programmes on offer across the city. The demos on everything from dog grooming to drama stole the day and led to some spectacular photos. A big thank you to Maureen Conway who took the EXPO Steering Wheel and put her foot on the pedal.

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This edition is packed with other news too – a sincere thank you to all our great contributors.

Our schools really LOVE books with lots of celebration for World Book Day 2017.  We’ve had lots of celebrity visits and fun events from Fashion Styling to Music Workshops.  We’ve had charity events, mental health awareness events, spectacular concerts and lots of success in sports across the city.

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