Exciting future for Coolock Youthreach

January 29, 2021

Kilmore Youthreach has now been renamed Coolock Youthreach. CDETB is delighted to have secured new premises that are almost ready to move into when lockdown is over. 

The Coordinator Caitriona Mc Colgan, the staff and the students would like to thank Carol Hanney, Ann Gilton, Bernie Reilly, Kay Cullinan and Ann Glynn for all their help along the way.

Recognizing that the physical environment has an impact on attitude, mood, and behaviour, the refurbishment of the new centre for Coolock Youthreach has taken trauma-informed design into account with the assistance of Claire Donohue of Psychological Services. Specifically, the colour palette for the centre emphasises pastels – blue, green, and purple on the walls. These ‘cool’ colours have a calming effect. Deeply hued warm colours (i.e. red, orange, yellow), that may arouse negative emotions, as well as stark white walls were consciously avoided. Lighter-coloured rooms are perceived as more open, less crowded, and thus safer and more calming for learners and staff. Additionally, the classroom furniture is easy to clean and easy to move around, allowing learners to rearrange a chair or table, enhancing their sense of control and independence. Views of nature, landscape paintings, as well as indoor plants, are all associated with an increased positive effects and comfort and will be included in the finishing of the new centre and its surroundings.

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To ensure the safety and well-being of all students government regulations on safety and social distancing are being strictly adhered to.




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