Inspirational guest speakers address CDETB delegates in Dublin Castle

December 10, 2013

On 25th November 2013 CDETB held a seminar in Dublin Castle to consult with a wide selection of CDETB staff about the strategic direction of our organisation into the future. Over 140 delegates participated in round table discussions punctuated by inspirational addresses by guest speakers.


Discussions opened with a conversation between Jacinta Stewart CEO, CDETB and Larkin Community College students Aoife Kennedy from sixth year and Eoinlee Bley from transition year.


Stephen McCarthy, Education Officer CDETB, introduced Dick Gleeson, City Planner, Dublin City Council, who spoke on the ‘City of the future.’


Evan Buckley, Education Officer CDETB, introduced Michael Donnellan, Director General, Irish Prison Service who spoke on ‘Education as a means of social inclusion.’


Evan Buckley, Education Officer CDETB, introduced James Flynn, University Relations Manager, IBM who spoke on ‘The role of education and training in enhancing IT.’


David Treacy, Education Officer CDETB, introduced Tony Donohoe, Head of Education Social and Innovation Policy, IBEC who spoke on ‘New models of education and training.’
David Treacy, Education Officer CDETB, introduced Fintan O’Toole, Literary Editor, Irish Times who spoke on ‘A vision for education and training in Dublin city.’


If you are interested in the future strategic direction of this organisation and have anything to add to the contributions above please contact

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