The Power and Joy of Learning

May 23, 2017

CDETB Adult Education Service celebrates Adult Learners’ Festival 2017

The CDETB Adult Education Service (Parnell Square) brought together 145 students and staff to participate in an event to celebrate the Power and Joy of Learning as part of the AONTAS 2017 Adult Learner’s Festival. The event, which took place on Thursday 9th March in the Teacher’s Club, successfully united people of all ages, nationalities and learning experiences. The speakers included Professor Ted Fleming, Una Buckley, and students Donna, Carl, James and Maureen who all spoke so eloquently about the Power and Joy of Learning.

Professor Ted Fleming addressing the crowd on the Transformative Power of Learning Discussion Group - Deep in Conversation

 Organiser Tanya Walker was delighted with the level of interest, engagement and participation in the event. ‘The level of personal, informative and honest feedback on the day’, she said ‘added to the feeling of positivity, enthusiasm and joy experienced by all who attended.

Feedback - Sharing our thoughts and opinions with the group

Tanya is already looking forward to celebrating the Adult Learners’ Festival in 2018.  Thank you to Tanya and the team; Bernadette Sproule (AEO), Joyce Gough (ALO), Barry Ryan (Information Officer, CDETB Adult Education Guidance Service), and Mary Maher (Director, DALC). Thanks also to AONTAS, the National Adult Learning Organisation for providing promotional material, guidance and advice for the event.

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