Some facts about Pearse College of Further Education

August 20, 2013

Like every CDETB College of Further Education across the city Pearse College in Crumlin offers a variety of courses to the post Leaving Certificate student at FETAC level  4, 5 and 6.
‘Not everyone realises that they can study courses like Nutrition and Food Science with us or that our range includes Sustainable Construction, Ecology or Amenity Horticulture’, said Principal Jacqueline Nunan.  ‘When choosing your future direction it’s not just about the points you get.  You might find it more cost effective to go to an FE College.  You might find that the smaller classes and friendly environment suit you better.’  She continued,  ‘People don’t realise, for example,  that if they compete a Business course with us at level 6 they may be eligible to enter an Institute of technology Course at year 3’.
If you are struggling with your choice the team at Pearse can help.   They include dedicated teachers and expert guidance support that can help you to make the right choice.  Several of the teachers began their own education journeys by taking the Adult Leaving Certificate programme at Pearse.  They understand the issues of juggling home with work and the issues of confidence about taking the first step.
Principal Jacqueline Nunan is keen to highlight the number of adult students that the college attracts.  ‘As you would expect courses like Soccer or Nutrition or the repeat Leaving Certificate attract the 18 year old student.  However, the majority of our students are adults.  We understand their needs well, we look after them well and they thrive in this environment.  The mix makes for a really good atmosphere on campus’.

Registration is in late August.   Classes start in early September.  Course costs start at €290.  Students will often worry about the expense of books but Pearse has a good library and uses Moodle.  If you are signed up for a Back to Education Programme you will not lose your social welfare payment
Pearse also offers a crèche, cafe, fully equipped sports center,  gym and parking.

The first step is to complete an application form online by going to

City of Dublin Education and Training Board (formerly CDVEC) has 22 colleges across the city.  We offer almost 400 full-time courses to the post Leaving Certificate student.

The range and choice will surprise you. All of our colleges are happy to receive your enquiries.

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