Spotlight on Ringsend College – a hothouse of science

January 16, 2018

What a wonderful start to the year for two very talented 1st year students Abbie Cassidy and Clodagh Clarke from Ringsend College.

Their study on stress in students and best ways to deal with was shortlisted to appear at the BT Young Scientists and Technology Exhibition 2018.  They were also selected to do the launch publicity. Next day, 10th of January, Abbie and Clodagh found themselves all over the papers, social media, radio and TV.

This is a very prestigious event attracting 55,000 visitors who get to see the work of Ireland’s brightest young scientific minds. Not only did Abbie and Clodagh get this second-to-none opportunity to showcase their project – they got to make a spectacular performance at the launch.

Only last year Ringsend College students Toni Mockler, Nichole Gaynor Meier and Kyle Graham won third place in the Social and Behavioural Sciences category at the BT for a self-diagnostic App they created to track teenage mental health.

Congratulations Ringsend College – a real hothouse of science!

Abbie and Clodagh pictured talking to Will Goodbody from RTE.

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