Stunning RAP from Coláiste Eoin Finglas

February 2, 2016

A powerful anti-bullying message from Coláiste Eoin Rappers has already featured on RTE’s News Today, Two Tube (RTÉ Two’s weekday entertainment show) and has been recorded live for Swipe TV (RTÉ’s flagship television series for 7 – 12 year olds) to be broadcast this Friday. The RAP was initiated by librarian Teresa Hudson as part of Colaiste Eoin’s JCSP Library Project.  Gary from GMC Beats came in to help the students get started. Writing and performing in their own words they produced a completely original work that has an incredibly creative powerful message.

‘It’s hard to describe how proud we are of the students’, said Principal Paula O’Brien. ‘It is entirely their own work and is making an amazing impact on everyone who sees it. The students are walking around 10 feet tall as a result of this experience.’

Watch Bláthnaid Tracy from RTÉ Two’s Two Tube interview and Film the students in action HERE.

For more about Coláiste Eoin visit their website HERE.

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