The Smart Choice is FET

August 20, 2019

Further education and training (FET) used to be Cinderella but not any more.

The Irish Times Smart Choices supplement August 19th describes how Kate Stitt was inspired by a feature on RTE’s nationwide to apply to Inchicore College of Further Education’s Costume Design course. She graduated in May and has already worked on two short films.  She says, ‘my favourite aspect of the courses was costume construction; I think I have really surprised myself and I’m excited about the opportunity to prove myself in the industry’.  Read Kate’s story here: My PLC journey: Kate Stitt

Shauna Keogh, graduate for Ballyfermot College of Further Education (BCFE), who features on the cover of the supplement, tells on pages 10 and 11, how when it came to apply for college courses, she only went for one – Television Production in BCFE. The documentary maker, who directed the series ‘Too Fat for 15’ for which she was nominated for an Emmy says ‘For me, a PLC in Ballyfermot was the start of it all. The college years are the best years of your life but you have to put in what you want out of it.

On page 2 Brian Mooney gives a low down on these ‘practical, hand-on courses that offer career progression and skills enhancement outside the CAO’. He discusses the career progression opportunities that suit every occupation interest.  Read the full story here: Alternative career routes boost options for school leavers.

On pages 3 and 4 Peter McGuire discusses how FET ‘used to be the Cinderella of options for school leavers, but it is now a better choice than ever before’. He defines FET, looks at what exactly you can expect from a PLC, an apprenticeship and a training course.

On page 6 Nora Ide McAuliffe writes about how ‘People’s suitability for third level is a growing area of concern, with 14% (5,800) of first year students in 2014-15 not progressing on to the second year of their course’. She quotes Andrew Brownlee, CEO of Solas, ‘There’s an attitude, a kind of cultural issue that still needs to be addressed.  We need to convince the families of Ireland that further education and training is a valid route.  That it gets you into really interesting careers, it gets you earning at an earlier stage and it means you can be equally successful as if you go into higher education’.  Read the full article here: Further education: Interesting careers and earning at an earlier stage

Also some great articles about smart choices in the Irish Independent.

Irish Independent 20th August

‘I am glad I did a PLC because it made me realise that my CAO top choice was wrong for me’

Irish Independent August 17th

Read Clive Byrne: ‘Secondary education needs to be about more than fateful August day’

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