Turn off your lights!

March 29, 2016

Energy efficiency workshops at CDETB

CDETB recently hosted a number of energy saving workshops in colleges and centres across the city.  Very positive feedback was received from participants who picked up helpful energy saving tips.  A lot of the energy saving tips simply involve acting on common sense. Things like turning off your light and monitor when you leave the room, turning off your PC every night, using natural light as often as possible are easy and cheap to implement.  In fact the majority of energy savings can be implemented immediately, free of charge.

All schools and centres have either been subject to an energy audit over the past couple of weeks or are due one.  CDETB is encouraging all centres under energy audit to embrace these site visits and seize them as an opportunity to cut energy costs and improve its environment.

By operating in an energy efficient way CDETB is helping in the fight against climate change and improving the working environment for staff and students.  There are great financial savings to be made through energy efficient practices and it well help the organisation to achieve our legal requirement of a 33% reduction in energy usage by 2020.

Ray McKeown is the CDETB energy co-ordinator.  Ray has enlisted the voluntary support of John Devlin. Ray and John will form the Head Office energy team.  Each centre in the organisation will have an energy team, some centres may have already formed one.

Ray and John are encouraging staff and students across the city to send them energy tips and ideas. It doesn’t matter how big or small you think your energy saving tips and ideas are – we want to hear them – e-mail energy@cdetb.ie

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