Welcome to the City of Dublin Education and Training Board

July 1, 2013

Today, on the 1st July 2013, this organisation begins a new era as we become the City of Dublin Education and Training Board following the Education and Training Boards Act 2013

Over 80 years ago the City of Dublin Vocational Educational Committee was formed, following the Vocational Education Act 1930:

To provide instruction of a continuation nature – Junior Technical, Junior Commercial, Junior Domestic Science – for boys and girls between 14 and 16 years of age

To maintain and extend Technical Instruction – Science, Art, Commerce, Domestic Science – on existing lines

To provide instruction for apprentices in such trades as the Minister for Education may designate.

According to the minutes of 1st March 1931, the then CEO L. E. O’Caroll explained to the then Chairman and Members of the Committee that, although the first type of education listed above ‘Continuation Education’ was not yet compulsory, voluntary courses should be formed with practical instruction as a salient feature.

He reported;

‘Boys, whether in the Junior Technical or Junior Commercial Courses, must attend Manual Instruction in Wood or Metal or in both; girls must attend Cookery, Needlework etc., even girls in Commercial Courses’.

When the current CEO Jacinta Stewart, addresses the first meeting of City of Dublin Education and Training Board, they may well reflect on how much the curriculum has changed since the 1930s and how much broader the reach of our services has become.

We can now envisage a future where ETBs meet all learners’ needs in an area through the provision of a training centre, a college of further education, a CTC, a Youthreach and an adult and community service.  Under the same ETB a second level school and a youth service will also be available.


Jacinta Stewart, CEO CDETB, said today: ‘As we enter a new era as CDETB we are recommitting to our role as innovators.  In 1930 the big innovation was to stay at school after 14 years of age.  Today we know that in order to contribute to our community, our country and our economy, learning must continue over our whole lifetime.  It will be the job of CDETB to continue to provide for the ever changing needs of learners across the City of Dublin’.


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