‘You always got the help you needed and you never felt lost or alone’ – Learner consultation event

July 2, 2021

On the 17th of June 2021, 63 learners from Adult Education programmes, Community Training Workshops, specialists training programmes and Youthreaches in Dublin city came together to share their experiences of training and learning over the last few years.

They spoke about what led them to the course and centre they were in. Some choose the courses they were on because they were interested in the kinds of jobs they would lead to, for example a course in childcare or beauty. Some were only on the course because they were sent by their local Intreo office.

Some chose the centres first and the course second for example they chose the course because it was delivered in their local area and they heard about it from a friend or neighbour. Others chose the centres because of the specialist supports they provided including those accessed through the Discovery centre and the National Learning Network.

Some of the learners spoke about how important it was to have someone care about them as people, with many of the learners commenting how their teachers and tutors have helped them grow and develop

Many of the learners had negative experiences of school which had either led to them leaving education early or delayed them taking up further education and training opportunities.

They liked being on the FET courses, being treated well, the small class sizes, the commitment of teachers and tutors and the supports provided. They valued being listened to, having their opinions respected and being treated as equals.

Most of the learners felt the courses they were on, the way they were delivered, and the commitment of the teachers and tutors had built their self-belief and self-confidence and increased their ability to apply for a job or further study.

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