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January 16, 2018

If you are doing Leaving Cert and unsure which career to choose, or you are post Leaving Cert and want to improve or resume your career Brian Mooney has answers.

If you left school early, want to boost your skills and are wondering what your options are guidance counsellor and Irish Times columnist Brian Mooney advises that ‘re-engaging with the education system can assist you in acquiring a basket of new skills which will enable you to move to more challenging and better paid employment’. Read the full article in the Irish Times Ask Brian here.

He explains the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ): ‘Your Junior Cert equates to level three on the NFQ), so you might want to start a further education course at level four where you can further develop generic academic skills but with a greater emphasis on independent learning.’

He advises you go to your local ETB where your regional adult education guidance service will help you reflect on things like: ‘What level of the NFQ best matches your current skills and level of academic challenge required? What general career areas would you like to pursue? Have you a specific time-scale in mind for your course? Would you like to study on a full-time / part-time / blended or online basis? What financial and childcare supports are available to you on your learning journey?’

If Brian Mooney is speaking about you then have a read right here to see what the City of Dublin ETB Adult Education Service can do for you.

Or –  go direct to our CDETB Course database – you will be surprised at the range of courses on offer.

Many of our colleges are hosting OPEN DAYS right now and will be delighted to hear from you.

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