FAO: PLC students; BTEI students, Youthreach and VTOS students in Further Education centres.

Dear Student,

Given the current situation regarding the COVID-19 virus and the Government advisory notice to close colleges and centres to students, contingency plans have been activated for teaching,learning and assessment.

Changes to end of year exams
As part of our planning, the City of Dublin Education and Training Board has taken the decision to replace all end of year, final examinations scheduled for April and May with alternative assessments. This decision has been taken to reduce uncertainty for students and staff as we work to complete the current college year.

The alternative assessment format will vary by module and course, but you will be guided by your individual teachers on exactly what you need to do for each specific assessment. They will be in touch with you directly.

This same approach is being taken in all centres across the CDETB to ensure that there is consistency and fairness across our organisation. It is important to note that the integrity of your award is in no way compromised by this decision or this action.

Alternative Delivery
Your teachers have been working hard to upload as much content as appropriate to Moodle/Google classroom or whatever platforms you use in your centre. We have also asked that your teachers consider alternative forms of delivery. Some may be doing online classes; some may be using online tools and some may be forwarding materials by email or post. They are working hard to respond to your needs in so far as possible.

Students are asked to read, watch, listen and engage with the materials being sent or provided by teachers.

Your teachers are available to answer any queries or questions which may arise.  This may be through Moodle forums or Google classroom posts, or over emails.  We appreciate this is a less than perfect alternative to face to face delivery but our intention is to minimise, in so far as possible, the disruption to your progression and/or completion of your programme.

External Examining Boards
We acknowledge that many students also have examinations (including practical examinations) which are awarded by external examining bodies, i.e. not by QQI. We are working closely with these bodies to advise on alternative arrangements, but these have not been finalised or formalised yet.  Please follow our website closely for updates.

In putting forward these contingency plans, the intention is to minimise the impact on all students while also trying to support you to complete your course or modules as you had hoped. We would ask you to work closely with us during these challenging times.  The situation is constantly changing but we can assure you that each teacher, college and the CDETB as a whole is committed to working in your best interests.

Carol Hanney
Chief Executive
20th March 2020