CDETB Programme Planning – New Course Approval for Delivery

There is a self-evaluation aspect in the centre level procedures for cyclical programme reviews. There is also an evaluative dimension to Exam Board and Result Approval Panel Meetings.

In line with CDETB’s obligation to review and co-ordinate delivery across the City, centres must seek approval for delivery of new courses or modified courses to learners in Dublin City, this includes the mode of delivery. As part of the application process, the applicant centre must set out their rationale for the new courses including market analysis, and the capacity of the centre is also assessed as part of this process.

FET Application Form 2022-23  Autumn Cycle

FET Application Quick Reference Guide

FET Application Guidelines to Application

For Courses moving to Blended Learning:

CDETB Policy on Blended Learning

Please see the CDETB Blended Learning Quality Assurance Guide on the Blended Learning Policy, Key Features and Application Process, found on the

Please see the steps required when applying to delivery/change course mode to Blended Learning Application Process