Programme Design and Approval

CDETB’s programme development policy enables CDETB to pursue key strategic planning goals for service provision to meet learner needs within Dublin City. It is important that the necessary level of co-ordination is achieved to ensure over supply does not occur which can undermine existing delivery. We must also endeavour to ensure course development occurs in line with the needs of learners in the City. It is essential that co-ordination occurs from the learner perspective – which is course offering. CDETB is committed to supporting centres in developing their course offering to best meet the evolving needs of learners in Dublin City.

The CDETB Programme Management Committee oversee the development of new programmes in line with relevant sectoral agreements.

Please see Section 2 of CDETB Level Procedures: See Link

Applications for New Course/Module Development See Link

Applications to Modify Existing Programmes See Link

Glossary of Terms for Programme Development and Validation: See Link