CDETB / CDYSB Launch ‘Honest Brokers’

CDETB/CDYSB are delighted to launch online Honest Brokers, a research report on the Young Carers Programme (YCP). The Young Carers Programme ran in six CDETB second level schools. The aim of the YCP was to support young carers within the school and community, through a variety of developmental and recreational programmes.

The purpose of the research was to capture the learning from the programme and highlight the ongoing needs of young carers into the future. A key report learning and finding, identified the location of the programme in the school setting as the central enabler and success factor. The researcher, Audry Deane, found working with the youth workers and teachers on the Young Carers Programme very motivating but for her, “…the bravery of the young carers was humbling to witness. Now more than ever, this programme is needed to support this very vulnerable group”

We hope you find the learnings and recommendations in this report will enhance supports for the inclusion of this group of young people in service provision into the future.,-a-research-report-on-the-Young-Car.aspx