CDETB Employer Support Services

Workforce Development

 CDETB works with employers and enterprises to support them in ensuring that their businesses can keep apace in an ever-changing environment. We can provide access for employees to our existing suite of on-line learning, part time and evening course provision. We can also work with companies to develop flexible bespoke/tailored training solutions.

Skills to Advance

Skills to Advance is a national initiative which aims to equip employees with the skills to progress in their current job, or to take advantage of new job opportunities.

It can assist SMEs in identifying their upskilling and reskilling needs and provide subsidized training solutions which help to increase productivity and competitiveness.

For further information contact –


Brenda O’Mara: 087 2539380

Margaret Corbett: 087 7805363

 Skills for Work

Skills for Work is a Solas-sponsored national programme that enables ETBs to deliver training courses for full time or part time employees.  The programme is particularly aimed at low skilled workers who may not have the confidence to embrace change in the workplace and who would benefit from up-skilling or re-skilling opportunities.

For further information about Skills for Work contact Joan Devlin at 087 7419805

 Apprenticeships and Traineeships

CDETB works with employers in a variety of industry sectors in the delivery of Apprenticeships and Traineeships. They provide a combination of on-the-job and classroom learning which is designed to meet the current and future needs of industry.

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For enquiries on how we can support your business contact:

Brenda O’Mara:        087 2539380

Margaret Corbett:    087 7805363

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