Dealing with a Covid Case Flowchart

September 2021

New: Circular Letter 0043/2021

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Arrangements for Staff other than Teachers and Special Needs Assistants who are employed in ETBs

Circular Letter 0042/2021

Arrangements for Teachers and SNAs employed in recognised Primary and Post-Primary schools

Latest Government advices and supports

The government’s website provides a ton of advice and support for schools.  Click here to see the range of information available from planning for the safe re-opening of schools to the well-being of our school communities.   The materials provided include both on-line and downloadable  formats and includes training videos,  The site also provides information on other available resources.

CDETB Policy

COVID 19 – Policy Statement

Review of CDETBs Responses to the COVID 19 Emergency

INFORMING THE FUTURE- review of CDETBs responses to the COVID 19 emergency


Returning to Work

CDETB Induction Training

Return to Work Declaration

Attendance Log

Close Contact Log

Contractor questionnaire

CDETB Covid QA Procedures

Click here for link to CDETB Covid QA Procedures

Notice for PLC/VTOS/Youthreach participants

Working from home

Tips from IPB – click here for advice from our insurers re working from home

Data Protection – click here for advice from the Data Protection Commissioner

General information re working from home – click here for information

Home desk set-up – click here for tips on home desk set-up


Supports for mental health and well-being –  resources for mindfulness

Jigsaw – information for learner who may be feeling stressed or worried


For latest HSE updates on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) click here.

Please check here for updated information from the Department of Education and Skills.