Curriculum Development Unit

The CDETB Curriculum Development Unit (CDU), established in 1972 by CDVEC, Trinity College Dublin, and the Department of Education provides support to teachers in curriculum development and research.

The CDU in partnership with teachers tutors and schools initiates a variety of initiatives primarily aimed at second level (junior and senior cycle) and at further education (NFQ levels 1-6).

At all times there are three core strands at the heart of the work of the CDU: the professional development of teachers to meet the needs of learners, the development of the curriculum in partnership with other stakeholders in education and the promotion of the concept of the teacher as a researcher.

The CDU responds to the needs within the CDETB and the broader national and international education community through initiating, developing, exchanging, implementing, supporting or managing educational initiatives, projects and support services across a range of educational areas. One area of focus is on social justice issues as well as programmes involving inclusion, access and participation that address the causes and effects of educational disadvantage.

Contact details for CDU:
McCann House, 99 Marlborough Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4
Tel: (01) 498 9500
Fax: (01) 496 9087