Drug Treatment Court

The Drug Treatment Court (DTC) is a court-supervised treatment programme to help drug dependent offenders to address their addictions and get support through their recovery programme. Those who can apply must be over 17 years of age and have pleaded guilty to a non-violent crime in the Dublin District Court. The goal of the programme is for the participant to graduate from the DTC drug free and in full time work, training or education. If the participant is successful, all charges that the participant entered with in the court are struck out at graduation.

The Education Section of the DTC programme provides:

· Educational and Career Guidance Counselling for each client.

· A specialised educational programme specific to the Drug Treatment Court which includes QQI levels 2 , 3, and 4 accreditation in computer literacy, health and fitness, art, food and nutrition, work preparation and personal development.

· A DTC Personal Development Programme which includes nutrition and health, time management, health and fitness, communication skills, stress management, meditation, outdoor pursuits, peer support and addiction awareness.

· Advice, placement and ongoing liaison/support to DTC participants when referred to other education, training or work placements.

· Evaluation and review of progress of every participant to the Drug Treatment Court.

For more information, contact the DTC Coordinator at (01) 8147900