Fergal’s Field Development Project – FAQ

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What is being proposed for the site?

It is proposed to develop the site for the benefit of the community in Finglas. The following are among the key objectives:

  • New sporting facilities for the CDETB schools
  • Housing Provision
  • New Primary Care Centre
  • New Church and parish centre

Where is the development located?

On land between Cappagh Road, Cardiffsbridge Road, Wellmount Avenue and Fergal’s Lane. The location is outlined in red below:

Who are the main statutory stakeholders?

CDETB, The Dublin Archdiocese, Dublin City Council and the HSE are the main statutory stakeholders. They will consult with the local community and interest groups as the project develops.

Are the plans finalised?

Not yet. A full site strategy will emerge through ongoing consultation with the statutory partners and local stakeholders. All elements of the proposal will be subject to planning permission applications – including the Primary Care Centre and Housing provision. However, the new church and parish centre which have already received a final grant of planning permission.

A masterplan for the entire site will be prepared to ensure the site is developed in an integrated way. This will inform decisions in relation to Phasing.  The partners understand that the new development will greatly impact on the surrounding community. Therefore, it is extremely important that this community is fully consulted on all the proposed plans for the site and what will be located there. The partners believe that the site, once it has been developed, will be of huge benefit for the people of Finglas now and into the future.

What sporting facilities will be provided?

Recreational facilities for the two adjoining CBETB Schools (Coláiste Eoin and Coláiste Íde, College of Further Education) will be provided on Fergal’s Field. three floodlit Astro-turf pitches, a junior GAA 3G all-weather pitch with a surrounding walking track, replacement car parking spaces and a new covered bike parking.  The area will be landscaped with paths and planting to ensure that it is visually appealing. There will also be a grass area provided to the schools which could be used for several purposes.

How many housing units will be on the site?

It is envisaged that approximately 100 housing units could be delivered on the site and these would mainly be one and two bed units.

Where will these be?

It is proposed that these will be located mainly on the site of the old church. The demolition of the church has been completed and DCC are engaging with the parish authorities in relation to the purchase of the site.

What kind of housing will be provided?

Dublin City Council, in consultation with Elected Councillors, have prepared the ‘Finglas Strategy 2021’, which sets out a comprehensive redevelopment strategy for these lands.  This non-statutory document informed the Draft Dublin City Development Plan 2022-2028. The Draft Dublin City Development Plan was on public display from November 2021 until mid-February 2022 and, following a consultation process, will be adopted in late 2022.

The Finglas Strategy recommends providing range of housing typologies, including additional senior citizen and supported housing units and one- and two bed units in appropriate locations in response to changing population trends. This is vital to address Dublin City Council’s housing waiting list, address homelessness and to provide the range of housing options that can support mixed communities in Finglas.

The Finglas Strategy supports the provision of a housing scheme for older person as part of the redevelopment of the Church of the Annunciation site, facilitating older people in having ease of access to all local amenities and services.

Where on the site is it proposed to locate the Primary Care Centre (PCC)?

The proposed location of the Centre is on the Cardiffsbridge Road side of the site which will be easily accessible. The site’s location will provide for more easily accessible pathways to care for people currently residing in the area and new residents who will move into the proposed housing development. The development of the primary care centre will help enable a more community focussed model of healthcare for Finglas. Appropriate care will be provided closer to people’s homes, away from an acute setting.

What services will be available at the PCC?

The following are proposed:

  • Local GP Practices
  • Primary Care Team services including
    • Nursing
    • Speech and Language Therapy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Psychology
    • Dietician Services
  • Dental/Orthodontic services
  • Community Mental Health services
  • Child and Adolescence Mental Health Services
  • Ophthalmology
  • Disability Services
  • Social inclusion hub

TUSLA Services will also be accommodated in the Primary Care Centre in partnership with the HSE.

What are the plans for the new church?

The demolition work of the original Church was completed at the end of November 2021. It is hoped that work on the new Church and parish centre will commence in 2022 following a tender process. The proposed Church will be located on the site of the old Church carpark.

The capacity of this Church is expected to be approximately 150-200 people so it will be smaller than the old one.

What wider community facilities will be provided?

The facade for the Leisure-Point Sports Complex, which is an important facility for both the schools and the local community, will be improved, and the remaining carpark will be refurbished.

What happens next?

It is hoped though that the site will be fully developed by 2027 and the statutory partners will consult with local stakeholders as the project develops.