Both the Department of Education and Skills (DES) and City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB) recognise that there is a need for an education service for students in the 12-15 age group who are experiencing difficulty in school and who often end up being excluded from school because of their particular difficulties.

Who we are

The Inspire Programme is an education support programme for students aged 12-15 yrs. who are experiencing social/ emotional/ behavioural difficulties in school.

Our Aims

  • To assess students’ needs
  • To deliver a student centred education support programme
  • To enhance and develop students’ personal and social skills
  • To work in close partnership with families and schools
  • To encourage students to remain in education

Target Student Group

  • Students aged between 12-15 yrs. where there is a belief in a future for the student in the school and where the school is willing to work with the programme to support this.
  • Students who freely choose to participate in the programme.

Programme Details

  • 8 week programme
  • Students return to secondary school every Friday throughout the 8 weeks to assist with successful reintegration
  • The students will be in small group classes of no more than 10 students with additional one to one classes where needed.
  • Every student will have an IAP developed
  • Every student will complete the CDETB Profiler which is an online assessment that provides the student with an individualised report, targeting where support is needed and guidance on how to provide that support.

Contact us

We are located in Pleasants Street Education Centre, 16 Pleasants Street, Dublin 8.

Phone:   (01) 4780550