CDETB formally welcomes a new board and a new era

September 10, 2014

CDETB will hold the first full meeting of its new board on Thursday 11th September 2014. CEO Jacinta Stewart will welcome the board by showing a short film and a slide presentation depicting the work of staff and students across the city before the meeting begins its formal proceedings.

The new CDETB is made up of the following representatives.


Dublin City Council Representatives

Cllr. Paddy Bourke
Cllr. Cathleen Carney Boud
Cllr. Áine Clancy
Cllr. Patrick Costello
Cllr. Alison Gilliland
Cllr. Seán Haughey
Cllr. Vincent Jackson
Cllr. Teresa Keegan
Cllr. Andrew Keegan
Cllr. Rebecca Moynihan
Cllr. Críona Ni Dhálaigh
Cllr. Larry O’Toole


Staff Representatives

Mr. Ciaran McNulty
Ms. Deirdre O’Connor


Parent Representatives

Mr. Stephen Glennon
Ms. Bernadette    Lagura


Representatives appointed under Section 30 (d) of the Education and Training Boards Act

Mr. Jack Cleary
Ms. Aoife Kennedy
Dr. Noel O’Connor
Ms. Sylvia Ryan
Ms. Joyce Scully

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