CDETB Repeat Leaving Certificate Programmes offer realistic study plans, expert feedback and ongoing support and guidance.

August 28, 2015

CDETB offers repeat Leaving Certificate programmes in Rathmines College, Plunket College, Pearse College and Ringsend College. With decades of experience behind then they have identified the critical issues for repeating students. Besides excellence in teaching these include devising a realistic study plan and receiving regular feedback and support.

The repeat Leaving Certificate programme at Ringsend College has spanned nearly three decades and the college continually builds on this experience. Donnchadh Clancy, Principal of Ringsend College says. ‘The parents are critically important. Many parents enter an information vacuum after Leaving Certificate, They suddenly find themselves in the dark about the learning journey of their 18 ½ year old. The student still needs support but the parents are not included. We recognise the parents need to be kept informed and to support the student. With the agreement of the student we have several parent teacher meetings. The parental support adds enormous value to the whole thing. It’s a challenging fast-moving year. It’s important to act dynamically. A good study plan is critical. We provide study tutors as well as subject teachers. It’s the same with adults with adults who return to education. If whoever you live with is supportive your results will be enhanced’.

The features of the Repeat Leaving Certificate in Rathmines College include an extensive subject choice menu with all subjects at Higher Level and Ordinary Level Maths, Irish and French offered.  A trial Leaving Certificate is held in the second term. There is a tutorial system to ensure effective monitoring of attendance and progress and on-going assessment and reporting.

All four colleges agree regular feedback is the big thing; week by week; how are you performing; what do you need to do to improve.

Pearse College provides two options for the Leaving Certificate. One is their highly successful Repeat Leaving Certificate course for those who have already completed the Leaving Certificate. The second option is their Adult Two Year Leaving Certificate programme for those who missed the opportunity to complete it first time around. They each have a wide range of subject options and provide a strong support system to those coming back to education or for those wishing to repeat.

Jackie Nunan, Principal of Pearse CFE, describes the Adult Leaving Certificate programme. ‘We have 40 years of experience of delivering this very successful programme. The teachers have a genuine recognition of the challenges that face adults returning to sit this exam. You may never have sat the exam, or you may have sat it so long ago that it’s very different. You may have family and responsibilities and pressures. You may not have had a positive experience of school first time round and it has taken great courage to come back. We understand all this. You will be met exactly where you are at and treated with respect in an adult environment. Students love this programme and go on to great things’.

Plunket College is the leading provider for a Repeat Leaving Certificate on the Northside. Principal Orla Kehily says one of the strengths is that the classes are dedicated you’re not going to be mixed with first timers. Very close attention is paid to exam technique and to giving students regular feedback. Students get an opportunity look at things afresh in a new group with a new sense of motivation. Parents involvement is very important and students under 18 are asked to present with their parents.

All four providers agree that students develop excellent independent learning and study skills during the year. The pastoral care received leads to greater independent skills and an improved capacity to perform at third level.

Students want to repeat for a variety of reasons.  Some will have achieved 500 points and want more.  Some will have achieved 250 and want to go to 350.  Others will want to make really big changes –to change their emphasis completely – maybe away from the sciences and towards business for example.  CDETB can help every category of student.  We know that what students need most is a realistic study plan.  Our teachers have the experience to help each student devise the right study plan for them. We also have specialist Guidance Counsellors for those who are making big changes.  On top of that we place a huge emphasis on our relationship with your parents or guardians; we believe combined support is essential’.

The early students who have passed through the halls of our colleges are now in their 40s and into their 50s.  Their feedback has many similarities to recent students. Most students report a very enjoyable year.  They have let go of school. They are already in a college atmosphere.  They enjoy a new feeling of freedom but also feel much supported and discover a new focus in their studies’.

For further information contact the following colleges who will be pleased to talk to you about your individual needs.

Ringsend College

Rathmines College

Plunket College

Pearse College


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