CDETB Welcomes Government Announcement on Primary Schools in Dublin

March 11, 2022

The Department of Education today published the Guidance for School Communities on the Reconfiguration Process.

Chief Executive Dr. Christy Duffy stated “CDETB welcomes the announcement by government and the opportunity for parents to have a choice to send their children to a multi-denominational school in their local area in Dublin”.

Primary schools under the patronage of ETBs are called Community National Schools (CNS). As Mark McDonald, Director of Schools in CDETB, explained, “CDETB already operates one CNS in Dublin city and looks forward to supporting school communities in Dublin throughout the process of transferring from a religious patron to the CNS model”.


  • The Programme for Government prioritises the transfer of viable schools to the Community National School (CNS) model which are under the patronage of local Education and Training Boards (ETBs).
  • CNSs deliver the national primary school curriculum as set out by the Department of Education and have a ‘multi-denominational’ ethos rather than a religious ethos.
  • CNSs understand ‘multi-denominational’ to mean that all children are treated equally throughout the school day, regardless of any aspect of their identity.
  • Instead of a faith formation programme which is taught in religious schools, children follow a multi-belief and values education curriculum called ‘Goodness Me! Goodness You!’.
  • CNSs also celebrate events that are important to the school community such as Christmas, Eid and Diwali throughout the school year.
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