Check for last-minute PLC vacancies

September 8, 2017

If you have not yet chosen a course you should check your nearest College of Further Education for last-minute vacancies.

“If I had a better understanding of PLCs when I was 18, I wouldn’t have spent three years just drifting and staying afloat just to be in college in a course I didn’t want to do at all,”

Sinead Sweeny in Irish Times

Sinead Sweeney, who is now starting a science degree at Trinity College, tells Jack Power in the Irish Times how important her pre-university science course in Killester CFE has been to her. Read the full article HERE

PLC courses will allow you to explore your area of interest – or a brand new area – in an open, friendly, hands-on, cost effective environment with excellent and expert tuition.

The range, at QQI levels 5 and 6, will surprise you, from Architectural Design and Technology Foundation, Computer Systems and Networking, Social Care, Fashion Design, Renewable Energy, Engineering Technology, Health Science (Pre Nursing), Media, Art, TV and Film to Music and much more.

Enter the key word of your dream course HERE and see what comes up. You will get full details of the course and the college that runs it. Ring the college directly and ask for advice. They will be delighted to help you.

For quick links to our 15 PLC colleges across the City of Dublin click HERE.

Have a look at a one-minute Why Choose PLC video HERE.

With PLC courses the passion you have is way more important than the points you got.

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