Continuing Professional Development at CDETB includes everything from Applied Drama to Lateral Thinking

January 22, 2015

The CDETB Curriculum Development Unit has launched its Winter/Spring Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Calendar 2015. Some of the programmes target specific groups of staff across the City.   Consultative Support meetings, for example, are provided for Guidance Counsellors  and Learning Support Teachers in Post Primary Schools.  CDP is also provided for the CDETB Deputy Principals Network, for ICT staff and for Outdoor Education Staff.

There is also something on the calendar for every CDETB teacher, tutor, youth worker and administrator across the city including training in Moodle, the Flipped Classroom teaching method, First Aid, a collaborative tool called Padlet and  DeBono Lateral Thinking.
The calendar also promotes free online courses called Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) provided by Universities and educational institutions around the world.

To see the calendar click here.  For more information visit

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