From Fashionistas to Montessori – Think PLC

February 20, 2017

Fashion PLCs in Crumlin College

The fashion industry has changed dramatically in the digital age with access to global markets at the click of a button.’  Read how Crumlin College, who have been running fashion courses for over 20 years, navigate this market in an ECHO article  Crumlin College Fashionistas in Echo

Crumlin Fashionistas

Montessori PLC comes of age at Liberties CFE

Congratulations to Liberties College who recently celebrated 21 years of Montessori.

Liberties Montessori 2

Watch a two minute video about Childcare and Montessori Courses HERE and learn about how you can progress  to Higher Education.

Montessori in Liberties

Think PLC

Now that the CAO is out of the way guidance counsellor Aoife Walsh is encouraging us to think PLC.  Read her full article in the Irish Independent HERE.

Where to next?

For more information check out upwards of 400 PLC courses across the City of Dublin HERE.

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