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August 16, 2019

This course of action is a good first choice

Students who take up PLC courses, apprenticeships and training courses are going on to great things. Here are some recent excellent articles about the Further Education and Training option.

Irish Times August 16th

Further education and training (FET) – comprised primarily of PLCs, apprenticeships and training courses – is creating more and more graduates every year, and they are going on to great things. Read the full article by Peter McGuire here.  Alternatives to CAO: Can they be a good first choice – even for high-points students?

Irish Times August 16th

My education journey: ’I’m a mature student with a background in marketing, communications and PR’ Peter McGuire talks to Fionnuala Byrne, auctioneering apprentice: ’I really believe that apprenticeships are for everyone’

Irish Independent 16th August

There are many paths for students who didn’t receive a CAO offer.  Read Aoife Walsh’s article; Help I have no offer.  what can I do?

Examiner August 15th

Read John Daly’s article ‘Alternative paths: Apprenticeships gaining in popularity and diversity’.

Irish Times  August 15th

Want to get into high finance? Looking for a career in high tech? For an increasing number of high flyers, an apprenticeship is the way to go. Maria Walshe, communications manager, Solas says: “The story is changing; the perception of apprenticeships is changing. There are currently 16,000 apprenticeships across the country and the number is growing steadily.

Looking for work experience and a qualification up to postgraduate level?

Irish Independent August 15th

There are still plenty of pathways through higher and further education writes Aoife Walsh.  I haven’t applied to college, Is it too late?

Irish Independent 15th August

‘I wanted to do veterinary nursing, but, when that didn’t work out, I switched to engineering and now I am in a job that I love’

Alana Kernan, Traineeship

Irish Times August 13th

The class of 2019 have more options than ever before. Peter McGuire interviews Aoife Walsh Guidance Counsellor.

Didn’t get what you hoped for? Nine choices to ponder.

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