First day at new school

August 29, 2016

A new school is born! Clonturk Community College, a new City of Dublin Education and Training Board Community College operating in partnership with Educate Together, opened its doors at 10am today Monday 29 August 2016. We are delighted to welcome the very first group of students into their brand new school.

Principal of Clonturk Community College Susan Campbell and her staff are looking forward to developing an innovative and creative learning college where students are happy, proud, ambitious and actively involved. Information and Communications Technology will be an integral part of the learning environment in Clonturk Community College. Today Susan told parents ‘Modern everyday technology will be used to develop and enhance our student’s creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills as we prepare them for life, work and leisure in an increasingly technological society.”

The new first year students are being offered a wide and varied curriculum with optional subjects taken on a rotational basis.  This allows students to properly sample subjects before they have to select their final options at the end of first year.

The students will spend their first day getting to know their teachers and fellow class mates as well as receiving an induction into life, routines, responsibilities and expectations in Clonturk Community College.

Clonturk Community College is located on the CDETB campus on the Whitehall Road in the north of the city. This campus also includes Plunket College of Further Education and the CDETB Sports Grounds.

For more information on this exciting new school visit their website HERE.


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