INFORMING THE FUTURE – A detailed Review of CDETB’s Covid 19 responses

June 29, 2020

Innovating across all CDETB schools, college and centres with new learning platforms.

CDETB publishes INFORMING THE FUTURE– A detailed Review of CDETB’s Covid 19 responses and their impact on Quality Assurance, Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

The period since early March has shown the very strong spirit of CDETB. Everybody united as a collective in the interests of the learners we serve and found new and innovative ways to reach learners.

At second level teachers continued to teach and assess the non-exam classes to ensure that the learning of Junior Certificate students was recognised and also embraced the new and challenging task of determining calculated grades for their Leaving Certificate students who need to be enabled to progress with their lives and with their education.

At Further Education and Training (FET) level every possible effort was made to ensure that students received certification as teachers converted exams to assessments and eased learners through the process. Youthreach staff have kept some of the most vulnerable of our students on a path to an improved life. Community educators provided a lifeline to many of their learners. Prison educators have concentrated heavily on keeping their students safe. A huge effort has been made by Training Centres and colleges to ensure the continued progress of apprentices. The Youth Services and the Psychological Services have also continued to support young people through this time of crisis.

The speed and enthusiasm with which CDETB staff transformed themselves into remote workers has been remarkable. There has been an extremely high level of collaboration at teaching and learning between every part of the ETB. The learning has been supported by the commitment and dedication of the IT staff and of the administration, finance and maintenance staff.

The next few months will also be crucial in preparing for the 2020/2021 year. The ETB is committed to delivering high standard courses and over the summer will continuously review our modes of delivery for next year. We will deliver face-to-face where safe and appropriate, but we may have to continue remote learning to some extent. In doing this we will aim to make the student experience as positive as possible. We have been up-skilling staff in the area of TEL to help teachers in devising and developing modes of online delivery and the uptake on these courses has been phenomenal.

To ensure the safety of learners, staff and visitors it is crucial to continue to comply with public health advice.

We are developing and implementing hygiene and social distancing plans in every centre and will adhere to HSE guidelines and Department of Education and Skills guidelines in relation to reopening centres.

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