Marino College student awarded place on Outbox Incubator – a prestigious STEM course in London

July 6, 2015

Michelle, a third year student at Marino College, Fairview has been selected from an EU wide search to recruit future stars of Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM) to participate in an intensive training course in London this Summer called Outbox Incubator.

Michelle was only one of 20 Irish girls selected to participate. The course is a residential programme for girls aimed at increasing the representation of women in STEM and promoting female entrepreneurship. The Outbox Incubator is organised by the Stemettes a UK based group dedicated to the increasing the ratio of women employed and employing in STEM and entrepreneur Mary Carty.

The Outbox Incubator was highlighted during the recent Inspirefest International Technology Conference.

Michelle is a modest recipient of the place and reflects that in a different school she may not have developed the extensive technology experience and video portfolio that she has in Marino.
Marino students each have an iPad and the school recently won the Bronze Award at the Digital School of the Year for the innovative training programme they developed where students helped to train teachers in use of video to support oral literacy. Teacher Emma Ní Suatman Gallagher led the project, “It was just a great opportunity to enable our staff to use video but also to build the student’s facilitation skills. Michelle really rose to the challenge and we worked together with another student Sanjana Kishto, it was clear both girls got a real kick out of being in the instructor role for a change. They’re the kind of things we’re always trying to do to incorporate the technology in ways that build on a range of skills. I’m delighted for Michelle and very proud of her achievement. I’ll have to get another training session from her when she comes back!”

“Michelle is a real asset to our school, “observed Principal Blake Hodkinson, “as educators we are always aiming to help our students reach their potential both in and outside the classroom. Michelle’s achievement act as an inspiration, not just for other girls who may wish to follow in her footsteps, but for us to continue developing our teaching and learning to meet the needs of the 21st century student. Part of that will be developing our partnership with Bridge 21 and Trinity College that we recently announced, I feel that the future is very bright here. ”

Marino College’s year in 2015 could be named “The Digital Year” due to a number of developments. Marino’s oral literacy project won third place in the National Digital Media Awards. A partnership is developing with Bridge 21 (Trinity College). A number of teachers have signed up to develop their teaching with Technology skills with Bridge 21. While in May two second year students, at the request of Trinity College, presented in Google their computer programme which turned a piece of cardboard into an electric piano using a motion sensor. Finally, Michelle being awarded the prestigious place on the Incubator course is superb. The College are looking forward to what the second half of the year might bring.

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