Return to Learning: – pay-off is massive

September 24, 2018

If reading, writing, maths or technology is holding you back – check out our Adult Literacy Service – it’s very different to traditional school.

The CDETB Adult Literacy Service in Coolock, Darndale recently took part in a NALA video for Adult Literacy week. NALA did some interviews from the perspective of both students and tutors.

Watch here CDETB students talk about their return to learning.

Confidence is always the very biggest thing

Listen in as Ellen Smith at FM104 interviews CDETB Adult Literacy Organiser Fionnuala Carter

Fionnuala tells Ellen; “It’s very different to a traditional school setting. First off, it’s adults coming back to education, so everyone is bringing so much experience with them that, a lot of the time, tutors would say they learn more from students than the students learn from them. Students learn an awful lot from each other as well.

Fionnuala explains that it’s not like school: ‘We’re guided by our students as to what we deliver and what we teach, so it’s not structured in the same way as school. You follow courses, but it’s very much self-directed. Students have complete control over what they’re learning here.”

She goes on to talk about confidence: “Confidence is always the very biggest thing. I think when people aren’t confident in their reading and writing skills, it has a massive knock-on effect for participating in the community. If someone wants to sit on the board of their local football team or get involved in their neighbourhood watch… If their reading and writing isn’t up to a standard that you might like it, it might stop you from doing a lot of those things’.

The pay-off is massive

Ellen Smith interviews students for FM104 including Robert from Coolock. Robert says the pay-off from going back to education is massive.  He says: ‘It made a big difference because when I’m doing homework with the kids, I can actually help them. Not so long ago I couldn’t. It used to have to be their mam doing it and now I can actually do it…. Going back not so long ago, I couldn’t read. I couldn’t even read a newspaper. Now, I’m reading everything.’

Listen to the full interview here: FM104 Robert’s life changed after returning to education.

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