Vinny Savino has run a ‘bootcamp’ in the North Strand since 1963

June 18, 2015

A reception took place in the Board Room of the Town Hall, Ballsbridge on 27th May, 2015 to honour Vincent Savino for his 52 years of service to the organisation. Vinny was accompanied by his wife Kate, now retired, who taught Yoga for 30 years in Inchicore, Clogher Road Crumlin, and Marino College.

Twenty of Vinny’s fitness class at Marino College, many of whom have been with him for well over 40 years, attended the ceremony.  Five of Vinny and Kate’s six children were present. Gina, Anna, Rosa, Caterina, and Franz.  Elena who lives in Denver Colorado was unable to attend. Caterina, who also lives in Denver, flew in especially for the event and surprised Vinny and Kate just before the ceremony began.

Majella McEvoy, Director of Adult Education at Marino College, was MC for the event assisted by teacher Anne Skelly.

Jacinta Stewart CEO of CDETB welcomed everybody to the building and spoke about the organisation’s pride in Vinny and Kate’s achievements which exemplify our teaching and learning ethos in an extraordinary way.

Long-time student Hugh Morris made an eloquent presentation on behalf of Vinny’s students.  The esteem is which Vinny is clearly held by his students and the professionalism with which he ran this large tightly knit ‘club’, the retention rate he has maintained, and the obvious enjoyment his students have experienced in his care is remarkable.

Tommy Maloney, past Vice Principal of Liberties College and ex-Army spoke about Vinny’s illustrious army career prior to his teaching career, something that clearly brought immense added value to his teaching.

Blake Hodkinson, Principal of Marino College, also paid tribute to the extraordinary teaching contribution of both Vinny and Kate.

Majella spoke for everyone when she described how lucky the VEC/ETB is to attract teachers of the calibre of Vinny and Kate and what shining examples they are of our ethos which is about enabling, inclusion, innovation, creativity, hard work – and fun!

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