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September 10, 2020

Before you decide your next move in education are you sure you’ve checked out all of your options?

Further Education and Training (FET) is no longer the Cinderella of the education system.  This Smart Choices supplement in the Irish Times gives a very good overview of FET and the options available in PLCs, Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

Don’t narrow your options

Simon Harris TD, Minister for Further and Higher Education, said in the Dáil recently; “We need to drop the snobby attitude we have in this country that the only way one can progress in life is to go from the leaving certificate to the university. Whether it is an apprenticeship scheme, whether it is the post-leaving certificate, (PLC), courses, or whether it is using the further education and training infrastructure, there are many ways to get to where one needs to get and I do not know why we insist on narrowing the conversation so early in this country.”  Read more in this article in
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Routes to boost options

Expert Guidance Counsellor Brian Mooney also explores how practical, hands-on courses offer career progression and skills enhancement outside the traditional CAO system in this Irish Times article ‘Alternative career routes boost options for school-leavers’. 
He says; ‘In many of our fellow EU partner countries, such practical hands-on courses are seen as having equal status to those offered by third-level colleges. In Ireland parental pressures can drive thousands of young people down the academic route, where they often flounder and eventually drop out at huge expense to their sense of self-esteem, their parents’ bank balance and the tax-paying public’.

Why not act now?

Consider getting your national QQI qualification in a CDETB College.

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