Learner Experience and QA

It is essential that quality assurance processes are examined from the perspective of how they impact on the learner. With this in mind, it is part of CDETB’s QA development strategy, to develop QA procedures from this perspective. CDETB is committed to implementing structures which capture the Learner Voice more clearly and to enable the Learner Voice to feed into quality assurance processes at both centre and corporate level, including the more effective use and support of learner representatives, and related fora.

Key stages of Quality Assurance Activities mapped to Learner Experience and Course life-Cycle:

Learner Life Cycle

For further information please see Quality Assurance Activities mapped to learner life cycle – for more detail see Section 1, Appendix 1 of CDETB Level Procedures

Where a learner has a complaint in relation to the service they have received, the following complaint form can be used – Complaint Form