Psychological Service

The City of Dublin Education and Training Board’s Psychological Service was founded in 1960. The service is currently staffed by its Chief Psychologist and a team of psychologists who deliver a comprehensive psychological service to the schools, colleges and centres within CDETB. The service is delivered through a combination of individual, group and systemic approaches, participation in Care Teams, staff support and supervision and in-service training.

CDETB Psychological Service staff work areas:

  • CDETB Second Level Schools
  • CDETB Colleges of Further Education
  • CDETB Youthreach Centres
  • Community Training Centres
  • Dublin Drug Treatment Court

The CDETB Psychological Service is dedicated to providing a supportive and professional service that reaches out to work with the schools, colleges and centres in the scheme. We respond to changing needs by working alongside learners, parents, staff and management, and also linking with outside agencies. We identify needs and offer training, counselling and consultation in order to effect change, maximize learning and enhance personal development.


Chief Psychologist
25 Temple Road,
Dartry, Dublin 6.
Tel: (01) 497 1442 or (01) 497 9569
Fax: (01) 497 9491