QA Policy and Procedures – Development and Enhancement Process

The current QA procedures for each service sphere will be reviewed and updated in line with the new QQI QA Guidelines. Priority areas for revision and development have been identified by CDETB in consultation with management teams and are reflected in a Quality Improvement Plan. CDETB colleges, centres or services may also identify and request assistance in developing CDETB policy and procedures in certain areas. The following stages in the process apply:

  1. Development of a policy and procedure paper on a particular issue, area of work or service through focused consultation – QA Steering Group or associated subgroup.
  2. Issue draft Consultation Paper for wider consultation to management teams and through them to their staff, QA Forum, QA Development Group (QADC), Quality Assurance and Strategic Planning Council (QASPC).
  3. Receive feedback, make amendments and issue as Guidelines for operational testing. Piloting may occur in one centre, in a cluster of centres or in all centres.
  4. After testing the Guidelines will be reviewed with management teams and other fori or structures where appropriate
  5. A final Policy and Procedure Paper will be developed and approved by the Governance structures for issuing for implementation by the relevant centres. This new procedure will then update existing QA procedures
  6. On-Going Review as part of self-evaluation procedures

Policy and Procedure Papers which have been developed collaboratively through ETBI enter at Stage 2. All QA policies and procedures are adopted in CDETB via the above process.

Please See Section 1 of CDETB Level Quality Assurance Procedures