Liberties College

Liberties College is one of fourteen Colleges of Further Education managed by the City of Dublin Education and Training Board(CDETB) – formerly City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee. Together, CDETB Colleges offer 7,500 places in PLC courses. Students come from all of Dublin, surrounding counties and much further afield.

The College offers a broad range of courses, but most focus on working with people – with children, young people, people with particular support needs at some time in their lives and with those who need longer term care. In other departments our students are creative workers and problem solvers.  We believe that working creatively and working with people draws equally on the strength of the body, the heart and the mind. We try as educators to give effect to this by relating skills development, work experience and understanding. We believe that work of integrating different kinds of learning to create new possibilities for action is done by learners themselves, so we aim to build opportunities for engagement and reflection into each course.

The College is located in Dublin city centre close to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where the old residential neighbourhood of the Liberties merges with the city’s business and shopping district.  It is an interesting, convenient and attractive location.

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