Staff and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CDETB recognises that our teaching and training staff are our greatest asset and learner resource and are key to the quality of service received by the learners. The innovative and adaptive nature of our service is a strength which has contributed greatly to the success of our organisation in catering for the needs of our learners. These innovations are driven in the main by our staff and the CDETB acknowledges the time, effort, commitment and expertise of our staff, in this regard.

All staff are recruited in line with national regulatory requirements, including Teaching Council Registration and agreed Human Resource processes. Once part of the organisation Teaching and Training Staff are supported and encouraged to engage in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to ensure their skills are up to date and that they also have industry knowledge. Staff taking part the externship visiting programme is one form of CPD encouraged by CDETB as it provides them with an opportunity to experience and share practices with industry counterparts in the relevant field of learning.

Please see relevant section in CDETB Executive Self-Evaluation Report. See Link

CDETB Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

Continuous Professional Development is provided through the CDETB Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) and the Further Education Support Service (FESS). City of Dublin provides supports staff completing further training and education externally also The Department of Education and Skills also provides support for staff pursuing further qualifications through the Teacher Refund Scheme. 
Model of Policy Development & Continuing Professional Development Policy

City of Dublin Education and Training Board application for external training and education courses:  See Link

Please also see SOLAS CPD Strategy for FET