Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS)

VTOS is a programme that gives unemployed adults the opportunity to return to full time education without losing their benefits.

VTOS applicants must be:

  • aged 21 or over
  • unemployed for at least 6 months (156 days)
  • in receipt of Social Welfare benefit or credits for at least 6 months
  • in receipt of One Parent Family Allowance
  • in receipt of Disability Allowance
  • in receipt of Disability Benefit

Take up the VTOS challenge and immediately the benefits are:

  • getting back to education
  • payments equal to your Social Welfare benefits
  • meal and Travel allowance
  • book loan system and free materials
  • you may be eligible for a crèche allowance

After VTOS, your long term bonuses can be:

  • being part of the mainstream marketplace
  • an increased range of lifestyle options
  • perhaps further education
  • skill acquisition

What does the programme involve?

Approximately thirty hours a week
It is possible to get certification in subjects for the Junior Certificate, Leaving Certificate, City and Guilds, FETAC, or other suitable qualifications.

What kind of courses are on offer?

  • FIT (Fast-track Into Technology)
  • Foundation Courses
  • Post Leaving Certificate Courses
  • Repeat Leaving Certificate Course (1 Year)
  • Two-Year Leaving Certificate Courses

There are also a range of specific skills courses available in a wide range of subject areas e.g. Business, Computers, Languages, Art and Design etc.

Still Interested?

If you want further information just contact your local VTOS Co-ordinator or CDETB Head Office at (01) 6680614